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Why Galentine's Day can get in the bin.

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Love the skin you're in: My skincare routine.

Following my successful completion of a couple of 'ologies' at University, I returned to my home town to embark on that successful career that you are promised when you bag yourself a degree. Alas, with no discernible skills and a 16-year education that qualified me in exactly nothing, I began selling my wares (or soul) in a local department store's fragrance department. Think Joey in Friends but with much less drama and more 45-minute chats with old ladies about the merits of Lily of the Valley and you've nailed my 3 months in perfumery. Luckily I hung around long enough to worm my way into the lustrous position of counter manager for Estee Lauder, and to jump on board the freebie game. If you think bloggers are #gifted far too often, you haven't worked for a cosmetics company. I could not turn up to work without being thrown complementary concealers; foundations and face masks and that did not even include the 75% discount on all Estee Lauder Companies products. …

Is Online Dating Making You Jaded?

It's Friday night, you've smothered your body in ten coats of fake tan, your hair is soaking in the western world's supply of Argan oil and you're pressing an ice pack on your lady garden following a rough 40 minute wrestle with your waxer earlier in the day. It's the night before date night and preparation is in full flow. Then your phone beeps. You see the message. Eyes rolling. 
"Hey, I'm really sorry, I am going to have to cancel tomorrow because... *insert abysmal excuse here*" 
If you have dated at all in the 21st century, there's a good chance you have probably been pied, you ghosted, zombied and (the ultimate annoyance) met a few 'let down Larry's". Unless of course you are one of those people that ended up marrying the first guy they dated, in which case I am happy for you, but there is no 'safe space' for you here in the Kingdom of Bitterdom. But if you have dated and come across any one of these knock backs, picking y…

Has internet dating killed off conversations?

In an age where 'It's just banter, Mate' is used as any excuse to be offensive or a bit of a dick, it is quite an achievement how little 'bants' (I just sicked in my mouth a little) the average person has in the world of online dating. I am not sure what it is about signing up to a dating website that turns usually quite interesting and humorous individuals into a posse of Tim Henman cyborgs but alas the Internet is full of them. Having a conversation on Tinder is like waxing your vagina, painful, dry and likely to make you feel a bit uncomfortable if you don't do it properly. 

This is no Jane Austen movie, people; there are no odes of love being brought on horseback by dashing people in ruffled collars. You will be lucky if you get a "wuu2" text at 2am on a Sunday morning. So I am fighting back, I will not stand any more of this dull as dish water hogwash of a conversation. If you're an online user, or know someone who is, then send these tips ont…

101 things in 1001 days.

For the last decade I have had the same New Year's Resolution:


I always felt that if I nailed my weight loss, I would be happier, better, more content. In 2017, I learnt that I didn't need that one thing to find contentment in my life, and in fact I was a happy little bean without it's presence. I never really achieved it, and sure sometimes I would be thinner, or fitter, and sometimes I would be fatter and more out of breath. I was just never happy, and so the resolution continued, each year without fail. In 2017, I ditched the diet and with that my longest held resolution fell to the wayside. So what's a girl to do now? Enter, my sister, who suggests that rather than New Years resolutions, you create 101 things you would like to achieve in 1001 days. Little goals, Longer term goals, pipe dreams, all in a hand 2 and a half year package. I am up for the challenge, so here we go: 

Rules: Goals have to be easily measurable but a bit of a stretch. Start date: …

The year that was, 2017.

If you hadn't noticed from your Facebook and instagram feeds today, it's the last day of 2017. You might think; “Surely, this isn't another narcissistic wank bank of yearly round ups, we've had plenty of those,” but my friends, you would be wrong, because this is just that. So hold onto your 2018 deely bobbers, because this here, is the year that was, 2017.
Bloggity Blog Blog
So let's start at the very beginning, and the beginning of the year begun with this blog. I was coming to the end of therapy, and my therapist said that blogging is a good way to stay motivated in recovery. I have read blogs for a few years, I am a big consumer of YouTube and the idea of blogging kind of made sense. There was also a massively selfish reason to blog for me. I wanted to explain to my friends and family what had been happening for the past 5 years, where I had been and why I had acted the way I had. A few of my friends knew I was in therapy but most didn't, and a blog felt the …

Ditch the Diet December

December is here. Put on that woolly scarf, sing carols around the Christmas tree and spend four weeks trying to avoid every mince pie, Bailey's and cheese ball that comes flinging it's way towards you as you cling desperately to that Vanilla Shake you packed in your bag 3 weeks ago.

Apparently, the run up to Christmas is when people try and restrict themselves the most so that they can fully indulge *cough binge cough* their way through Christmas day, and Boxing Day. OK the 27th, 28th and 29th doesn't count. I mean we might as well start the diet after New Year. OK, the hangover is going to be bad on the 1st, let’s start on the 2nd. OK, guys, the 2nd is a Tuesday this year, we can't start a diet on a Tuesday. Monday 8th January 2018, that is the day we can start our new diet. I don't mean diet, I mean 'Healthy Eating Plan'. We will start our new HEP on the 8th. But before, that I am going to diet, like really try, I mean I know I am going to miss out on my …