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When Depression came to stay. 

I have heard people describe depression as a black dog or a dark fog. For me, Depression was like the best friend of the best looking guy at the bar, who I spent all night flicking my hair at and then saw he copped off with the 18 year old bar back. So I downed ten tequilas and ended up snot crying and sharing my broken love story with Depression as he comforts me through salty teared kisses whilst I continue giving his best friend the side eye. The following day and I woke up feeling like Woody Woodpecker was making sweet love to my cerebrum and I looked over and saw Depression snoring beside me. I spent 20 minutes planning a James Bond style escape plan, before I realised that I was in my own bed, and I’d have to wait until he wakes up to shove him out the door. Except, Depression didn't get the hint and before I knew it, he was lounging around in my bed, getting crisp crumbs between the sheets and working his way through my Netflix account. 

At first I found Depression's pre…