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Has internet dating killed off conversations?

In an age where 'It's just banter, Mate' is used as any excuse to be offensive or a bit of a dick, it is quite an achievement how little 'bants' (I just sicked in my mouth a little) the average person has in the world of online dating. I am not sure what it is about signing up to a dating website that turns usually quite interesting and humorous individuals into a posse of Tim Henman cyborgs but alas the Internet is full of them. Having a conversation on Tinder is like waxing your vagina, painful, dry and likely to make you feel a bit uncomfortable if you don't do it properly. 

This is no Jane Austen movie, people; there are no odes of love being brought on horseback by dashing people in ruffled collars. You will be lucky if you get a "wuu2" text at 2am on a Sunday morning. So I am fighting back, I will not stand any more of this dull as dish water hogwash of a conversation. If you're an online user, or know someone who is, then send these tips ont…

101 things in 1001 days.

For the last decade I have had the same New Year's Resolution:


I always felt that if I nailed my weight loss, I would be happier, better, more content. In 2017, I learnt that I didn't need that one thing to find contentment in my life, and in fact I was a happy little bean without it's presence. I never really achieved it, and sure sometimes I would be thinner, or fitter, and sometimes I would be fatter and more out of breath. I was just never happy, and so the resolution continued, each year without fail. In 2017, I ditched the diet and with that my longest held resolution fell to the wayside. So what's a girl to do now? Enter, my sister, who suggests that rather than New Years resolutions, you create 101 things you would like to achieve in 1001 days. Little goals, Longer term goals, pipe dreams, all in a hand 2 and a half year package. I am up for the challenge, so here we go: 

Rules: Goals have to be easily measurable but a bit of a stretch. Start date: …